About AArmadillo

logo-red-smallAArmadillo is a unique resource to the Entertainment industry consistently introducing ground breaking products to the business. We have been in business 13 years and during that time have played a significant role in Private Media Networks, On Set Recorders, 3D workstations, On Set Daylies Systems, Mobile video and rendering trucks and Color Correction Suite design. The company has a wealth of knowledge with digital pipeline development, both 2D and 3D and has advanced solutions to solve today’s production challenges.

A Message from the CEO

155558_1684899051988_6660936_nThe advanced tools that are available to film makers today are extensive, there’s pretty much an “I’ve got a thing for that” for every aspect of the creative process. For many years the trend to bring lots of things to the set has been developing, creating a whole lot more data a lot earlier in the project.

This trend promotes a different mindset of how a pipeline or workflow will work and how a project gets shared or distributed to the many creative organizations that participate. Add in the fact that Directors are all trying to come up with a unique look/style, the result is that projects now include large resolutions, high or variable frame rates, High or extended Dynamic Range and a decision to capture 2D or 3D many of which are not fully developed.

AArmadillo has always been there when things are about to change, we were there when Sohonet launched their services in the US, we helped Codex in their first few years, Quantel to open the 3D business in LA, helped put Barco into Post Production and now we are working with SGO to bring the mighty Mistika to the United States.

All these projects put us at the forefront of Movie and TV production, we like being in that space and plan to continue to run along the bleeding edge for many years to come. We represent the very latest in Digital Production Technologies and are excited about the prospect of doing something different.

If we can help out with your next production or project then please give us a call.

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Colin Ritchie