Canon’s First Ultra-High-Sensitivity Multi-Purpose Camera Features ISO Equivalent Of Over 4,000,000

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Original Article. MELVILLE Canon USA
N.Y., July 30, 2015 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today has introduced the Company’s first multi-purpose camera, the new ME20F-SH, which delivers exceptionally high sensitivity to capture Full HD video with a minimum subject illumination of less than 0.0005 lux1 (at maximum 75 dB gain setting, equivalent to an ISO sensitivity of over 4,000,000). Nighttime surveillance and security, cinematic production, reality television, and nature/wildlife documentaries are just some of the ME20F-SH’s many possible usage applications. With the ability to capture color video in extreme low-light conditions and its simplistic and versatile design, the ME-20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera can be easily incorporated into existing infrastructures and systems to provide high-quality video capture even where subjects might not be seen with the naked eye.
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Visual Effects, Postproduction Studio Cognition Targeting Hollywood

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Also eyeing augmented reality and 3D printing, it’s led by producer-entrepreneur Brian Pope, ‘Hobbit’ alum Dave Hollingsworth and VFX vet Jeff Barnes.

Original Article: Hollywood Reporter

There’s a new, independently owned post house in Hollywood.

Cognition, which also offers visual effects and emerging technology, moved into space near Red Studios a few months ago. A 3,000 sq. foot space in the building is up and operational, with an additional 13,000 sq. foot expansion in the works.

The facility currently offers color grading and finishing via SGO’s Mistika system, closely linked to its visual effects services. With scheduled completion in the fall, the expansion is expected to include a pair of 4K digital cinema finishing theaters, a full visual effects pipeline and creative office space. By early 2016, it plans to have in place an emerging technologies research center; it’s already working with partners to develop capabilities in areas including photogrammetry and augmented reality.
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DP-V2410 4K Reference Display

Canon Executives Answer Questions About Canon HDR Monitors

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At NAB, Canon showed a prototype HDR 4K monitor. That led to some questions for Mr. Shinichi Yamato, head of the Display Product Business Unit of Canon Inc, Japan (above), and Mr. Hitoshi Doi, Future Product & Solution Group at Canon U.S.A.

Original article: FDTimes by FTD Staff

JON FAUER: When do you think the prototype HDR monitor we saw at NAB will be ready?

CANON: Because HDR is rapidly becoming a global trend, we at Canon have already begun to commercialize HDR-enabled products such as the current DP-V3010 and recently announced DP-V2410 4K Reference Displays that comply with SMPTE ST 2084, the first worldwide standard for HDR displays.

We took the opportunity of the NAB Show to let our customers know that we are working on advanced HDR display technologies of the type we exhibited in prototype form at our booth.

Canon clearly recognizes the importance of HDR. In addition, we have already begun to support advanced display technologies such as BT.2020 and ACES 1.0, striving to lead the industry in providing the benefit of next generation technologies.

As for HDR, the technology is still evolving and there is also an extreme proposal such as Dolby Vision to give you an example. We would like to keep focusing on the trend in the market and their requirement to evolve our technology and product lines accordingly.
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What Los Angeles Can Learn From the Warner Bros.

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As Hollywood goes “on location” on a more regular basis, the bold spirit of the industry’s pioneers can translate to dollars in the LA economy.

With his brother Sam, Jack Warner (pictured) procured the technology for the film industry’s first talking picture.

With his brother Sam, Jack Warner (pictured) procured the technology for the film industry’s first talking picture.

Original Article: by Michael Kelly

In 1917, Jack Warner was summoned to Los Angeles by one of his older brothers, Sam, to create a foothold in the fledgling movie-making business. The Warner brothers – Albert, Harry, Sam, and Jack – were already well established in the movie exhibition business but saw the real opportunity in producing movies. By 1927, their studio was the first to produce a movie with both sound and dialogue, The Jazz Singer, which went on to set the new standard for the motion picture industry.

Jack was known for his perfectionism and bold leadership style. He sought out the best scripts and story lines, and found creative ways to drive down production costs. His business strategy was “If I’m right 51 percent of the time, I’m ahead of the game.” He underestimated himself. By 1973, the year he walked off the Warner Bros. lot into retirement, he left behind one of the world’s most recognizable brands that went on to produce thousands of movies, television programs, and animated features.
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Mistika Air Packs a Powerful Punch at SMPTE15

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SGO Leads Broadcast Creativity to new Heights at SMPTE15

14 – 17 July 2015 – Booth D4 – Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, Sydney


SGO’s Asia Pacific Reseller Partner, Mojo Media Solutions features the innovative Mistika Air post production system in Sydney at next month’s SMPTE15 exhibition. Celebrating its 100th year, SMPTE15 is the premier event for the motion imaging and television engineering industries in the Australasian region.

Mojo Media Solution‘s Stuart Monksfield and SGO Product Specialist Peter Amies will be on hand at Booth D4 to reveal the full magnitude and creative mastery of post producing with SGO Mistika. Online editing, colour grading, green screen composites, title effects, shot corrections and restoration work will all be demonstrated, displaying both Mistika’s broad abilities and strengths and mind-blowing speed. With support for XML and AAF-based conforms directly from a multitude of raw camera formats, as well as delivering multiple versions in multiple formats, Mojo Media Solutions will show why Mistika is the must-have hub platform for any post facility and broadcaster.

SGO’s Mistika Air is a complete and powerful conform, online editing, 3D compositing, colour grading and finishing system, suitable for all content for broadcast including TVC’s, Drama, Documentaries and Series. Mistika Air starts at an attractive price point, and retains the same flexibility to mix resolutions, multiple raw camera files, colour spaces and frame rates all on a single timeline.

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Legend3D and SGO Co-Develop Ground-Breaking 2D to 3D Conversion Innovation.

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Significant New Mistika Advancements Enhance Production Workflows in Real Time

Following a successful and ongoing co-development partnership with leading Hollywood stereo VFX company Legend3D, SGO is proud to announce that Mistika is now fully integrated within Legend’s unrivaled “2D to 3D” conversion process and digital asset management system.

This co-development resulted in a new “Depth Grade” node in Mistika, which accepts and utilizes data created by Legend3D’s market-leading conversion process to interactively design the depth of a given scene in real-time. As the conversion data is passed through the Mistika, each 3D scene can be flawlessly fine-tuned, using Mistika’s already proven and highly-advanced stereo optimization features in conjunction with the “Depth Grade” node, eliminating unnecessary artist iterations. From designing a director’s 3D story at the beginning of a feature, to approving large volumes of shots that require an accelerated conversion time frame towards the end, the “Depth Grade” node will completely redefine the creative and schedule implications for 3D VFX and Conversion work. Read More

NY’s WorleyWorks Adds Verve and Vivacity with Mistika Precision

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WorleyWorks, LLC. has added a Mistika Precision Color Grading Panel from SGO to furnish its expanding grading department in response to demand for one-stop color and finishing services. With the support of SGO’s local partner, AArmadillo, it has stepped-up to industry-leading grading technology to deliver the best finish.

WorleyWorks became the first New York studio to invest in Mistika. Having recently added a second system earlier this year, they have now integrated Mistika and new panels into their workflow. The company’s two Mistika systems play a vital role, where one is used as the predominant client-facing “Hero” suite and the second for back-ups or on set purposes. WorleyWorks has created a niche in the feature film and commercials markets by working with some of the world’s most creative directors such as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Ang Lee, where they produced one of the country’s first High Frame Rate-Stereo 3D-2K 60p workflows.

Jack Reynolds, WorleyWorks’ DI Colorist states, “The precision panel is the final piece of the puzzle for us, the real-time performance of Mistika has always been a massive asset when working against tight deadlines, when you combine this with the added tactile control and custom mapping features of the precision panel, you create an environment where creativity and efficiency can coexist. The more efficient our pipeline, the more time we have in the color session to create beautiful images and the happier our clients are on completion.”

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New JVC Projector Line Boasts Industry’s Highest Native and Dynamic Contrast

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JVC recently announced a new, expanded line of home theater projectors that delivers substantial improvements in image quality and achieves the industry’s highest native and dynamic contrast. The performance boost is driven by a new imaging device, upgraded version of the company’s e-shift technology, 4K source compatibility and a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture.

With its new line, JVC continues to offer the industry’s highest native contrast performance, further improved this year by a new D-ILA device and a new wire grid polarizer. JVC has also added a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture that can dial in even deeper blacks. And projectors equipped with 4K e-shift3, the latest iteration of the company’s e-shift technology, feature a 4K signal input (60P) so that now both 4K and 2K sources can be displayed as 3840 x 2160 images.

JVC’s 2014 projectors are the Procision Series DLA-X900R, DLA-X700R, and DLA-X500R, marketed by JVC’s Consumer AV Group, and the Reference Series DLA-RS6710, DLA-RS67, DLA-RS57, DLA-RS4910, and DLA-RS49, available through JVC Professional Products Company. All are 3D-enabled and offer 4K e-shift3. Read More

82% think the right technology would make meetings more productive

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ClickShareFamilySpreadjpgSurvey results: half of European business leaders question the efficiency of meetings

But 82% think the right technology would make meetings more productive

Kortrijk, Belgium, 8 October 2013 – Meetings take up a large part of an average business day for most managers and directors. But how are they perceived by the participants? Professional visualization leader Barco commissioned a survey of over 1300 business leaders in Europe and North America to gather their thoughts on meeting efficiency and ways to improve it. The results contain a number of surprising elements.

“We just meet and meet and never seem to get any work done.” Does this sound familiar to you? Well, you’re not alone: about half of the business leaders in Europe have the same feeling. This is in contrast to their US counterparts, of which only one quarter share this sentiment. A possible explanation for this large difference could be that the European managers spend a lot more time in meetings than their American colleagues. Read More