Products Overview:

Speakers and Compliance software make up our Audio offering at AArmadillo. Both technologies are state of the art. The Emotion Systems eFF is available for download which will expose you to the most advanced set of broadcast compliance audio tools. If you need reference speakers for smaller installations then BlueSky is your only speaker solution, call us and we’ll come by for a chat and maybe a demo.


Emotion Systems

Making sure that the Audio component of your deliverable is to specification is of upmost importance, the emotions systems suite of software deals with the Calm Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) compliance parameters as well as Dolby requirements and channel swapping. Many of the world’s broadcasters and distribution companies use emotion systems to manage their audio deliverable.

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Blue Sky

For compact spaces and state of the art digital Audio BlueSky is the best of the best for the price. We have installed these systems in mixing rooms, Color finishing rooms and edit suites.

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