SGO Mistika

The Mistika is advanced production technology developed in conjunction with studio projects like The Hobbit, Star Trek, Into Darkness, Star Wars, Mission Impossible and many more. The team behind Mistika has a wealth of experience in production technologies and data management resulting in Mistika being what I think is the most advanced finishing tool in the world.

Barco Digital Cinema Projectors

Barco are unmatched in their support of Post Production and Production with their unique Digital Cinema Projector range. They are the only projector manufacturer who has developed a range of 2K and 4K projectors for the post industry and continue to strengthen their relationships with post houses by meeting with their users regularly.

Stewart Film Screens

Stewart are the only screen manufacturer you can trust, their customer support is unmatched and their knowledge of screen technology is far more advanced than any of their competitors. We have been installing Stewart Screens for 12 years and all of those installations are still going strong.

BlueSky Audio Products

For compact spaces and state of the art digital Audio BlueSky is the best of the best for the price. We have installed these systems in mixing rooms, Color finishing rooms and edit suites.

QOS Very High Performance Storage

These servers are the fastest systems for the price range, they are flexible and support Avid, Mistika and many other industry technologies. They run silent so they are perfect for small enclosed spaces and on set technologies.

Canon Professional 4K Displays

The DP-3010 are an industry reference display that is unmatched in color accuracy supported by one of the worlds most advanced imaging companies, there are 24 inch and 30 inch options as well as brightness and HDR

JVC Professional Display Systems

These projectors are perfect for small projection environments, we have installed them in Color rooms, review rooms, VFX companies, color grading suites and edit suites. They are silent and very reliable.

Sim2 Projections Systems

Probably the finest HD projectors available in the world today. They are bright and color accurate for all HD color specifications. These projectors have been installed in high end HD suites and high end home installations. A Sim2 projector was used on the set of Mission Impossible 3 for dallies review.

Emotion Systems

Making sure that the Audio component of your deliverable is to specification is of upmost importance, the emotions systems suite of software deals with the Calm Act compliance parameters as well as Dolby requirements and channel swapping. Many of the world’s broadcasters and distribution companies use emotion systems to manage their audio deliverable.

Oblong Industries

Probably the most advanced Man to Machine interface there is right now. It has to be seen to be believed, this technology was born from the motion picture Minority Report.

Light Illusion

Light Illusion is the de-facto standard for color management within the Film, Post-Production, and Broadcast industries, guaranteeing image accuracy and consistency at all levels, and uniquely supports Home Cinema at the same professional level, enabling home users to match professional color accuracy.

Purcell Engineering

We have been working with Joe Purcell and his team for over ten years, he constructs perfectly engineered products, from Daylies carts to projector pedestals. His consoles are second to none with great industrial design with invisible cable trays and power receptacles. Whenever we have a need to bend some steel we always take our work to Joe.