Products Overview:

Projectors are a very personal purchase, we have been offering all kinds of projectors for many different installations for almost 13 years. Digital Cinema 2K and 4K units, HD LCD systems and HD DLP projectors all have places in our day to day operations. We probably have more experience than any other company when it comes to projectors just because the breath of installations and technologies we have delivered beyond Digital Cinema.   


JVC Professional Display Systems

These projectors are perfect for small projection environments, we have installed them in Color rooms, review rooms, VFX companies, color grading suites and edit suites. They are silent and very reliable.

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Barco Digital Cinema Projectors

Barco are unmatched in their support of Post Production and Production with their unique Digital Cinema Projector range. They are the only projector manufacturer who has developed a range of 2K and 4K projectors for the post industry and continue to strengthen their relationships with post houses by meeting with their users regularly.

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Sim2 Projections Systems

Probably the finest HD projectors available in the world today. They are bright and color accurate for all HD color specifications. These projectors have been installed in high end HD suites and high end home installations. A Sim2 projector was used on the set of Mission Impossible 3 for dallies review.

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