We have introduced and represented some of the most Iconic brands in the business from product introduction to setting up their own US companies.

Sohonet, Colorfront, Codex and many others chose AArmadillo to bring their products to the United States. Brands like Barco, SGO, Sim2 and other European companies use AArmadillo’s unique relationship with the Entertainment business to promote and sell their current technologies.

We have worked with Oblong Industries to promote their unique products to the entertainment industry with onsite demo’s and introductions. Currently working with SGO to promote the Mistika finishing system throughout the United States with systems currently located in Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Carlsbad and Brooklyn.


We have worked with Canon, Venture 3D, Abovenet and many others to gain valuable market information to help launch and create industry leading products.


We have a wealth of knowledge and a great team that can help design and implement all manner of professional working environments for the Entertainment professional.